Top Motives Why Indian Army Attracts the Young Students



Are you a young, energetic and diligent individual who's hunting for a dignified government job? If yes, then a profession in army is the appropriate option for you. The following short article shares the top rated reasons to join the Indian Army. Get a lot more details about joinindianarmy


The Indian armed forces incorporate Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Air Force. Indian Army is definitely the biggest component of those armed forces. To acquire into a reputed job like army job would be the dream of every individual. A job in Indian army offers a career full of great opportunities and challenges.It truly is a field where with time it is possible to enhance on your strengths, information and skills.


Factors to Join Indian Army

The mission with the Indian Army is to defend the nation from all external threats and ensure security. Aside from the willingness to become a part of this dignified job, you will discover a number of other factors to join it.


Job Security

Job security could be the important reason for joining the Indian Army or any other government job. In present scenario, exactly where economy has a key effect on private jobs, such government jobs offer full job security.



Though working together with the Indian army, one can normally command respect from others and wherever you go. The primary reason would be the job profile, which includes fighting for your nation. The respect and love received within this field can't be enjoyed in any other profession.


Salary Compensation and Allowance

Not only the respect and recognition, this job also offers an eye-catching pay and allowances. With experience, the salary package can enhance further to let your family get pleasure from financial stability.


Long-term Benefits

In the course of your service period one can absolutely appreciate a handsome salary package. In addition, even after retirement, the employees get pleasure from benefits like pension, medical facilities, education for kids, loan facilities and accommodation.Such long-term benefits tends to make this field one in the most sought after career options amongst young students.


Foreign Assignments

The private sector jobs woo the young professionals by supplying foreign assignments, which makes them to work day and night to achieve that chance. The armed forces are the most effective solution to experience international exposure as these jobs send army officers to foreign countries on several assignments. The global exposure that these specialists experience becomes unmatched with that provided by the private companies.



Now once you know the benefits of joining the Indian army, it can be the time for you to verify out the eligibility criteria. In accordance with the official website of Indian Armed Forces, the number of seats obtainable in Indian army contains 195. The notification for recruitment is published in each of the top each day newspapers and employment news inside the month of March and October by Union Public Service Commission.


The other important specifications include:


Age: amongst 16.5 to 19 years

Qualification: 10 2 would be the fundamental educational requirement for army jobs

Marital Status: Unmarried


These government jobs are usually not impacted by the downturns within the economy. Lucrative salary, allowances, perks, reputation, exposure and job security are all the big motives that attract the young minds in this profession option.


So, what are you currently waiting for? Prepare now to have in to the dignified job now!

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