Top 10 Benefits of Van Leasing


What Exactly Is Van Leasing?

Should your business demands standard deliveries and series or transports tools and things, you will want a van or fleet for long-term support. Get more information about used vans

Van leasing is surely an reasonably priced option for companies of any size. It allows you drive the newest vehicles to get a reduced monthly cost spanning a repaired time period. Whether your business requirements one van or even a full fleet, you can 'rent' it to have an agreed upon time, then come back the vehicle(s) following your contract.

Benefits Of Van Leasing

You can find a number of benefits of leasing a van. They include:

1. Low monthly premiums

With leasing, you are just purchasing the length of time that you've decided to lease the van for. You do not pay the full price of the vehicle, as you would when credit it. The repayments tend to be lower and a lot more manageable, enabling you to maintain an eye on your own business’s cash circulation.

2. A brand-new van of your choosing

We only lease new vans, but the way in which leasing works implies that you can benefit from low obligations while enjoying a brand-new vehicle, which could work out less than funding the purchase of a rather more mature van. In addition, you get all the new tech and gadgets that you would count on through the newest commercial vehicles around the market.

You could make an impact on your own customers by driving a new van, whilst also helping the environment by driving using the very newest eco-friendly technology, offering you the reassurance that your particular van will likely be dependable and fuel-productive.

3. Reduced down payment

Deposits in leasing are referred to as the primary Transaction. You can certainly make about three, six, 9 or 12 months’ worth of original obligations, which reduces the monthly payments by reducing the exact amount how the total lease is pricing. Our helpful guide explains original repayments in additional depth.

4. Prevent added fees

Price-smart, things are set by using a lease. You forecast the twelve-monthly miles and if you do not go beyond it and also the van is sent back within acceptable wear and rip rules, there will be no more costs concerned.

Driving a new van, you won’t face the repair and maintenance costs of driving a slightly more aged van.

Road tax is a part of your lease's monthly instalment - so no problems there - and with new vehicles, an MOT will not be required until following the first three years and by that time you will be in another brand-new Van.

Using the mileage being predict for your next number of several years, any variations in scenarios and additional miles covered which takes you on the agreed upon quantity could commence to price you added money at the conclusion of your agreement.

5. Simple process

Getting yourself behind the wheel of your next van shouldn’t be stressful. This is why we have a simple leasing process which enables it easy for you to begin experiencing your van:

Select your Van

We make it easy for our own customers to search our website and choose a Van. You can set the factors to the search by:




Body kind

Special delivers

Thorough search, e.g. fuel sort

In-stock vehicles

You’ll obtain a full list of vans to choose from, and there exists a dedicated team that makes certain you get the best feasible price. You can start your search here or continue to keep reading to discover the next steps.

Obtain a quotation

After you’ve recognized the van you wish to generate for your next several years, you have to choose some important details that will help us put together a quote for you. This can include picking out the:

Entire contract

Greatest mileage for the duration of the lease

Bonuses you want to add-on, including manufacturer options, specs or possibly a van leasing with insurance and maintenance package

You can do this easily and quickly on our website, or by getting in touch with one of the skilled Account Administrators who is able to guide you from the process about the phone while responding to any questions you could have.

Make an application for finance

Similar to most finance options, you will be asked to pass a credit check. This is certainly to make sure you can pay to the month to month instalments for the full duration of the contract.

When you have finished the finance proposal type, we then deliver it to one of our own globally recognised financial lovers who will require a look in your credit history making a final decision. Our company is fortunate enough to have access to the most important number of finance options in the marketplace to assist in funding your next vehicle.

Place an order

If you have successfully transferred the credit check it is now time to finalise the deal and also to get things ready for you to obtain your brand new van.

A passionate Account Manager will assembled your order details, that can consist of every one of the contract particulars, as well as information about the van you have picked.

Your Account Manager will check from the buy carefully we also encourage all customers to do a similar before recognizing it. Next, your order is complete.

6. Repaired price

Acquiring a new van will probably be one of the most popular assets for your business, which explains why having the ability to make inexpensive, repaired payments is one of the best benefits of leasing a van.

Using a lease, almost everything you pay is agreed upon upfront. You will find no grey areas on annual mileage or equity. Other finance products, like PCP, add the commitment of equity following your contract, which may or may not materialise if the need for your vehicle unexpectedly plummets.

We are going to inform you how much you should pay on a monthly basis in the very first option.

Your month-to-month costs will not alter throughout your contract unless the rate of VAT or vehicle tax raises. You should look into the chance of the this sort of boost and aspect it into your viability assessment.

7. Do not concern yourself with devaluation

Frequently the costliest part of motoring could possibly be the loss of worth that your particular vehicle experience over time, also referred to as ‘depreciation’.

When buying a fresh van, it is sensible to look at left over values in an attempt to work out simply how much it could be worth when you visit sell it.

With leasing, the risk associated with this unfamiliar is taken on with the finance company. For your repayments are fixed, you know precisely what you must pay, and at the conclusion of your contract, you simply return the vehicle.

8. Maintenance and Road Tax incorporated

Road tax is provided in the fixed regular monthly lease charges, of course, if you put in a maintenance

package for your lease, you won’t need to be concerned about repair bills. When the unthinkable does

come about and the van reduces, companies offer break down cover for brand new vehicles.

9. Tax relief for businesses

With business leasing, you can reclaim up to 100% of your VAT on the contract. VAT claims are also allowed against maintenance expenses and any excess miles sustained in the lease period of time. Make sure to talk about this together with your accountant if you feel you might be applicable to the price-saving.

10. Trouble-free returns

One of the biggest downsides of buying a car is recouping the money when you try to sell it later. But with leasing, you can enjoy a brand-new vehicle of your choosing every few years while not having to take into consideration selling it to get a good price.

When your contract ends, you can just give back the vehicle without the additional inconvenience. The vehicle will undergo a regular maintenance check to make certain you have not exceeded the Reasonable Wear and Tear recommendations or exceeded your agreed upon miles limit.

Soon after, it is entirely up to you what occurs next. Of course, you can still choose another new car and enjoy the benefits of leasing all over again.

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