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Welcome towards the Monster Legends guide! I'll be providing you info on this amazing game. This game is made just after the good results of Dragon City. The artwork and breeding game play is very related. Get a lot more facts about Gaming tips


The only issue that they added extra was the PvP aspect. The monsters in the game have unique skills and distinctive attacks at your disposal. Dragon City did not have that, so it was a good addition.




You will find 8 fundamental components inside the game. They may be fire, water, earth, electric, nature, dark, magic and light. Each element is has its strength and weakness.


Fire is sturdy against Nature

Nature is good against Magic

Magic is strong vs Light

Light is excellent against Dark

Dark is good vs Earth

Earth is great vs Electric

Electric is fantastic against Water

Water is powerful vs Fire

This really is the basic element weakness that may be exploited for your advantage when fighting within the monster arena or PvP.




For breeding, you need to breed the unique elements to acquire the most beneficial monsters within the game. The monsters are grouped in to the following categories:


Typical - By far the most fundamental monsters like Firesaur, Treezard and so on.

Uncommon - Hybrids of the popular monsters.

Rare - These are tougher to receive than uncommon ones.

Epic - These can only be breed using uncommon monsters.

Legendary - Essentially the most highly effective of them all. These can only be gotten breeding epic monsters.

The legendary monsters take a though to get as the breeding time can get fairly outrageous. The breeding time for them is ideal about 2 days. So, when you take place to possess that, then you know you've effectively bred a robust one!




Each and every element has their own habitat. Hybrid monsters can stay in their respective element habitats provided that they've that element. For example, a Greenasaur has an element of Fire and Nature. Naturally, it may stay in either the Fire or Nature habitat.


Earning Gold


Each monster has an earning prospective. Depending on the sort of monster form you've, the gold you earn per minute can vary. The earning possible for the monster is determined by kind:


Legendary > Epic > Uncommon > Uncommon > Common


You are going to desire to get lots of Legendaries as it is possible to to enhance your gold income.


Earning Food


You'll be able to get food by constructing food farms. These will give the food you may need to level up your monsters. After you get to higher levels, the quantity of food needed will get higher and higher. You may stay away from using feeding them too much superior by fighting inside the adventure map in order that they can get experience to level up.

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